Here you will find an overview of events that HYPERRIDE either participated in or directly organised.

Date & Place
ENLIT Europe 202328-29 November 2023 (Paris, France)
2023 IARIA Annual Congress on Frontiers in Science, Technology, Services, and Applications13-17 November 2023 (Valencia, Spain)
IEEE PES ISGT EUROPE 202323-26 October 2023 (Grenoble, France)
Demo Site Meeting at RWTH Aachen University/General Assembly Meeting/Steering Committee Meeting26-27 September 2023 (Aachen, Germany)
Workshop at the International Conference & Exhibition on Electricity Distribution 2023 12-15 June 2023 (Rome, Italy)
2st HYPERRIDE Review Meeting 06 June 2023 (Aachen, Germany)
2023 BRIDGE General Assembly 28-30 March 2023 (Brussels, Belgium)
ENLIT Europe 2022
29 November- 01 Dezember 2022 (Frankfurt am Main, Germany)
Demo Site Meeting at EPFL/General Assembly Meeting/Steering Committee Meeting/LVDC grid and protection coordination concepts- Workshop15-16 September 2022 (Lusanne,
SEST 2022 5th International Conference on Smart Energy Systems and Technologies
5-7 September 2022 (Eindhoven, Netherlands)
1st HYPERRIDE Review Meeting23 June 2022 (Brussels, Belgium)
The smarter E Europe11-13 May 2022
2022 BRIDGE General Assembly22-24 March 2022 (virtual)
Virtual booth at Enlit Europe30 November- 02 December 2021 (virtual)
3rd SEERC Conference online (shortened)30 November 2021 (virtual)
1st HYPERRIDE General Assembly Meeting28-29 September 2021 (virtual)
2021 IEEE Int. Forum on Smart Grids for Smart Cities17-23 March 2021 (virtual)
2021 BRIDGE General Assembly2-4 March 2021 (virtual)
INEA Transmission Workshop2 December 2020 (virtual)
HYPERRIDE Kick-off Event22-23 October 2020 (virtual)