HYPERRIDE will demonstrate potential solutions which are seen in AC-DC hybrid grids for LV and MV infrastructures. Combing DC and AC technologies to form a hybrid AC-DC grid is a promising way as most power electronics applications use internal DC power supplies.

With raising components and system maturity new use case with wider scope can be implemented and validated via pilot sites.

HYPERIDE addresses these new cases and will provide clear recommendations for distribution grid applications and will utilize the technologies and concepts of the rather very local or isolated state of the art DC applications. Potential transition paths to proposed future (large-scale) distributed industrial or DSO grids will be defined and demonstrated as outlined in the workplan. 


The HYPERRIDE consortium is composed of 10 partners from 6 countries (Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Italy and Austria). 

To accomplish the maximal impact, the HYPERRIDE consortium was assembled of partners that cover the all system integration levels from planning and operation, via digitalization and automation, technology providers and system integrators.

Further the consortium is well balanced between industry (large enterprise and SME), and R&D institutions (RTOs and academia) which are delivering the necessary expertise for HYPERRIDE deployment and integration.

AIT (Austria) engages as the coordinator of HYPERRIDE and it is also active in design and development, test and validation procedures for grid connected components and systems. Further, AIT provides solutions for grid planning and operation, grid digitalization and automation.

SciBreak (Sweden) as a Swedish SME leverages on a novel circuit breaker approach for fast and secure as well as repeatable switching.

RWTH (Germany) contributes with knowledge on grid automation and power electronics for grid infrastructures. As MVDC pilot site operator RWTH also can leverage on previously gained knowledge on hybrid grid operation linked to an AC grid.

EATON (Czech Republic) offers control strategies for DC grids as well as MVDC circuit breaker technologies needed for a safe and secure operation.

EPFL (Switzerland) provide extensive knowledge on grid infrastructures and power electronics for MVDC conversion. As pilot site operator EPFL can integrate AC-DC hybrid micro grids with different types of generation and storage linked to a real MVAC grid.

ZELISKO (Austria) provides measurement technologies for MVDC grids needed for a fast response and operation based on automation strategies.

ENG (Italy) brings expertise on grid automation and software solutions including cybersecurity topics.

ASM (Italy) provides infrastructure assets as well as the necessary knowhow for its operation.

FEN (Germany) will act as a dissemination and exploitation leader, and contribute in terms of IPR management, market analysis and coordination within the BRIDGE initiative.

EMOTION (Italy) as a solution provider for grid integration is the link between technology providers and distribution system operators.