HYPERRIDE is a European project funded under the call H2020

“LC-SC3-ES-10-2020 – DC – AC-DC hybrid grid for a modular, resilient and high RES share grid development”.

It will contribute to the field implementation of DC and hybrid AC-DC grids by identifying and providing solutions to overcome barriers for a successful roll-out of new infrastructure concepts throughout Europe. 

Starting with the definition of most relevant fields of application for DC grids, it will specify the enabling technologies on different levels and will develop guidelines for grid planning and operation. Key technologies for DC grid protection (DC circuit breakers) and grid automation (DC sensors) will be developed further, and automation algorithms will be created, validated in a test platform and transferred towards demonstration.

This also involves concepts and solutions for cyber security and fault detection. With demonstrations in three countries (Germany, Switzerland and Italy) the project will showcase the above-mentioned enabling technologies within a wide range of use cases. Benefits of the solutions with respect to conventional AC grids, especially regarding the integration of RES (Renewable Energy Sources), will be evaluated and new business models will be created for the products, services and applications developed within the project.

Project Name

Hybrid Provision of Energy based on Reliability and Resiliency by Integration of DC Equipment (HYPERRIDE)

Starting Date

October 1 2020


4 Years


European Union Horizon 2020 Research & Innovation Programme under grant agreement No. 957788

Project Type

Innovation Action

Budget: 7 Million Euros