planning, operation and automation

To provide technical solutions for grid planning, operation strategies and its implementation via automation technologies and algorithms of DC and hybrid AC/DC grids.

fault management and cybersecurity

To develop a layer-based control architecture for future hybrid AC/DC grids that enables a stable grid operation even under failure situations or cyber-attack scenarios.

effective knowledge transfer

To exchange experience and best practice with relevant stakeholders and other EU projects primarily through the participation in the BRIDGE initative.


To implement three functional demonstration sites including a MVDC and MVDC-LVDC/LVAC connection to showcase a future hybrid distribution grid structure.

enabling technologies

To provide technical solutions for components, test and validation methods.

effective business models

To develop effective business models ready to facilitate additional investments in the sector.

DC power distribution network in LV & MV

DC circuit breakers

AC/DC converter interaction and stability assessment

Open ICT platform for resilient hybrid AC/DC grids

Hybrid AC/DC grid automation (OPF & fault management)

Cybersecurity: detection and response to cyberthreats

DC measurement unit (DMU)

MVDC sensors and implementation in switchgears