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Project Start

October 1, 2020

The EU funded project HYPERRIDE starts under the roof of the Horizon 2020 initiative with 10 partners from 6 different countries to develop technologies for more effiecient and stable power grids.

Specification and requirements

March 1, 2021

The first milestone schedules to define the basis of future DC and hybrid AC-DC infrastructure. Therefore, the first work package determines requirements on DC grid systems as well as derived KPIs. In addition, a report outlines the HYPERRIDE use case descriptions, the respective specification of target fulfillment and the roadmap for implementation.

2021 Bridge General Assembly

March 2, 2021

BRIDGE is an European Commission initiative that unites Smart Grids, Energy Storage, Islands and Digitalisation projects to create a structured view of cross-cutting issues. HYPERRIDE actively participates in the 4 main working groups – Data management, Regulation, Business models as well as Consumer and Citizens engagement. The results are provided with the HYPERRIDE partners as valuable input for their interaction with industrial users.

Hybrid Grid Enabling Solutions

May 1, 2023

This milestone schedules that at this time core enabling technologies in automation and security solutions are available for the demonstration sites. Moreover, the core techonology development are finalized and the implementation phase at the demonstration sites starts.

Demonstration Sites finalized

April 1, 2024

In order to achieve this milestone, at this time all demonstration sites are operational regarding the core functionality. Moreover, the technology development are finalized and thus available for the start of exploitation.

Business Innovation Plan

October 1, 2024

In the end, the project expoitation is recorded in a report. In detail it wraps up the costs and benefits for the most promising use cases and technologies derived from the HYPERRIDE project, the identification of the potential legal/regulatory barriers and the identification of social barriers at local community.

End of the Project

October 1, 2024

The HYPERRIDE project is successfully completed and the final report submitted.