The rationale for this pilot is represented by demonstrating the potential offered by a more modular (cellular) smart hybrid AC-DC decentralized operation of MV/LV electricity grid, with a view to increase grid operation efficiency, reduce reverse power flow towards MV and reduce cyber-security risk.

Key Facts

Interconnection of

  • One HV/MV feeder that connects nine MV/LV substations
  • LVDC interconnection at 700 V
  • 350 kW intermittent peak power from PVs generation

Activities for hybrid AC-DC grids

  • Integration of LVDC microgrid in the distribution system, which will connect through DC infrastructure
  • Connection of new DC devices: BES, EV, PV, commercial and residential loads
  • A new public 40 kW DC electric vehicle charging station, coordinated with the needs of grid operator